About Us!

Garrett and Tori also known by friends as “Team Tarrett” met 5 years ago when Tori moved to Denver for her residency training. It was pretty easy to see they were meant for each other. Fun loving, high energy, adventurous, busy bodies who both value experienced over all else in life. After their epic destination wedding in Thailand, they started thinking about what the next chapter of their lives would be.


Living abroad was something they had both dreamed of and Tori especially wanted to work in a developing country…so when Tori was offered the opportunity to run the dermatology clinic in Gaborone, Botswana – they both jumped at the idea. Tori signed up for a 2 year minimum contract with the Ministry of Health of Botswana in conjunction with the Botswana UPenn Partnership to be the only dermatologist for the public health system in Botswana. Garrett had to leave behind his roofing business which he now oversees remotely from Botswana. It was a huge sacrifice to leave everything behind and jump into the unknown – but also incredibly exciting! ┬áLife in Botswana isn’t a cakewalk but it has brought them incredible experiences and an amazing new perspective on life!

This blog was created as a way to record all of the special experiences of living in Botswana so we will be able to remember them for years to come. In addition, we always have an outpouring of people wondering how we plan our trips and wanting travel advice. We hope this blog can serve as a way to guide other who wish to travel and explore Africa!